Durable. Tear-resistant. Fade-resistant. Slip-resistant.

Blend in with the lake, or stand out for visibility.

Designed with maximum comfort

Anchor anywhere. Pack and store with ease.

Stay together on the water. Supports up to 6-8 adults.

Multi-purpose water mat. For boating, docking, and hanging out.

No assembly required. Just roll out the mat.

6-month limited warranty

How does rosso matt compare to other products

Rosso Water Mat
Traditional Floats
Fade Resistant
Use as dock or boat extention
Comes with accessories
Many years
Up to 8 people
Up to 2 people
Roll Out
Needs Inflating

Plan your next water gathering

Bring the Rosso Water Mat to your next boating or lake gathering. Your family and friends will appreciate this.

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